Saturday, April 12, 2014

dog days

Okay yes, hi, I'm Brandilyn and I'm weird about animals.  David and I lived in rentals for over 5 years after we got married and I wanted a pet so badly the entire time. I even tried negotiating with different landlords to get a pet in my home/arms, but nothing. Once we bought a house, though, I started getting excited and doing my research.  Adopting a dog isn't a decision we took lightly--they're a big financial and emotional responsibility, and abandoned animals make me sick to my stomach in sadness.  We knew we'd be adding a member to the family and it wouldn't be temporary, so we got serious about finding the right match.
On Joony's birthday we went to a Kids Fair in Idaho Falls...which was noisy and overwhelming and a little too much for all of us.  BUT they had an animal adoption fair with several different animal shelters from all over, which is what brought me there in the first place.
Long story long, we found Carmen!  I was immediately drawn to her sweet face and she was so mellow and kind, I fell in love.  We left to get lunch and talk it over, then came back for our girl.  She has turned out to be just as great as we'd hoped. She barely sheds, she's patient with Joony, and loves to hang out around the house and be doted on.  She's timid, especially around men, but still just a sweet girl all around.
Today I picked up a container of puppy treats which I guess looked like Joony snacks too.  When I gave one to Carmen. Joony asked me politely for one.  I told him they were puppy treats, so he walked over to Carmen, held out his hand, and said, "Peas?" Hilarious. He also shared some of his leftover birthday cake with her...woops.  Needless to say, we're hoping they become great friends.

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