Monday, April 14, 2014

...and many more

Birthday gifts + birthday cake + gluten-free birthday cake for Dad + Curious George cake topper = awesome.

10,000 pictures of this yellow cake and chocolate frosting because I made it all from scratch and I'm annoyingly pleased with myself about it
Here's the thing about parenting: sometimes it's really, really disappointing.
Sometimes you plan this perfect day, but you forget to account for the needs of a toddler, who's easily confused and thrown off by slight changes in his schedule.  Sometimes he has the biggest tantrum of his life, and you somehow slam your head in the car door, and you bicker with your husband about really dumb things, and you feel like you're failing your kid on what should be a really special day.

Here's the other thing, though: It's not about you.  Parenting has to be selfless or it doesn't work, and sometimes I'm so focused on what I want that I forget what Joony really needed was a nap on time and understanding when he gets frustrated and confused and a parent who goes with the flow instead of getting upset that the day isn't going exactly as imagined.
As far as checklists go, we had a great day.  We went to a Kid's Fair (with a dog adoption thrown in as a huge bonus!), Joony is obsessed with his new scooter, he loved his birthday cake, we spent a sunny afternoon in the park.  Check, check, check.  There were just a few really unpleasant moments thrown in there to remind me that sometimes life can be real, real messy, and if I don't roll with it, I'm going to be a mess, too.  I really love this baby of mine, and becoming a good parent is a learning curve that barely leaves me with my head above water most days, but I'm excited to be learning. Happiest of birthdays, little buddy. We love you more than words.

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  1. That cake looks so yummy!

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