Wednesday, March 12, 2014

wednesday i'm in love

Booties/chambray: Target;  tights: Express circa 2007; skirt: Rue 21 ($7!); cardigan: Rag & Bone for Target, little boy's section, stolen from my BFF Shpitty

Today, for the first time, David loaded Joony and his dirt bike up into his little white pickup truck and headed to the dirt bike track.  He grew up doing this with his dad all the time, so it kind of feels like a rite of passage for the Clark-man. I got a diaper bag loaded up with more diapers and food than any 2 year old human would ever need in 4 hours, took 20 pictures, went back into my quiet house, and did what anyone would do.  I sat myself down, had a good long cry, made a banana cream pie from scratch, and then Facetimed with my sister.

This was post custard, pre whipped cream, AKA the best spoon licking of my life.
So, yeah, good Wednesday.

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