Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the funnest mom

Joony & Brandilyn's Afternoon of Fun:
Or, I Wrote Out a List of Amazing Things To Make Joony The Happiest Kid Alive During His Naptime, And Then I Tried To Execute Them All Once He Woke Up

+ I had a 25% off coupon for our local book store, so I took him to pick out any book he wanted.  Naturally, he chose a board book about trucks and tractors...almost identical to the 6 others we have at home.  Whatever, I'm a fun mom, let's keep the afternoon going.

+ At the park, he didn't want to set the book down, but he was frustrated that he couldn't climb around the play structure with a bulky board book in hand.  He also got angry because he wanted to set his book down on the end lip of the slide to read it, but other kids wanted to slide and, you know, play. I need to add in here that this was actually a really proud moment for me...I actually used to sit on the benches and read my Sweet Valley High during recess. My teachers called my mom once about it because they were worried I was a loser (I was, but it was cool with my mom, so I continued reading at recess).

+ So I get him a $.50 cookie at McDonalds because I needed to stop at the grocery store and I am not above bribery in the name of Joony and Brandilyn's Afternoon of Fun.  He pounded the cookie before I'd pulled my list out and then hollered, "No! Mom, no! Please! No!" while I did my shopping.

+ The fun continues! I take him to another park! Except this one has a steering wheel feature, which blows Joony's mind, he just loves it so much. Whenever I suggested he try a slide or swing, he'd scream, "No! Beep beep!" I figure he's going to be glued to that steering wheel for a while, so I go sit on a bench 20 feet away and try to make some small talk with the other moms.  This is when he takes one step, trips, and tumbles off the playground, landing square on his head.  This is also when I screamed a foul word as I sprinted towards him and horrified the other families playing peacefully at the park.

...and thus ended our afternoon of fun.
The moral of the blog post is this: don't ever expect things to go as planned when there's a 2 year old involved.  We have the most fun on the days where I'm like, "Oh hey! The playground isn't that crowded, let's go for a few minutes!" and, apparently, the days full of planned fun fall apart.  Such is life.


  1. you are THE BEST mom EVER!!!!!!! look how happy!!! :):):)

  2. Of mice and men, man. Of mice and men.


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