Sunday, March 9, 2014


10 Things That Make Me Ridiculously Happy:

1. Healthy breakfasts! My favorites: these pancakes topped with peanut butter and strawberries, or scrambled eggs with bell peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. It makes every morning wonderful!...just kidding, Joony's real grumpy in the AM, but the food is good!
Scientific fact: your healthy meals only count if you share them on social media, and they gain one healthy point for every different platform you share them on.  If you do not post a healthy meal, you might as well have starved, you idiot.

2. Rainy, drizzly, grey days. They're my favorite and I leave the windows open all day.

3. Assembling Easter baskets! I know it's early, but I love holidays and I'm so excited for the Easter bunny to stop by our house.

4. My mom got me a New Yorker subscription for Christmas, and I love getting it every week. I don't always make it through the whole magazine, but I love the parts I do read and of course the cover art is like wow.

5. Date night flowers:

6. Sleeping through church...and we meet 1-4. I know, right? Joony's been sleeping terribly this week--just truly awful nights--and then with Daylight Savings, well, we tried to figure out when the best time to maneuver a nap into Sunday would be and then we did the "let's just close our eyes for a quick minute" thing, which turned into 3 hour naps all around. It was good and very much needed for this tired household.

7. Original flavored Goldfish crackers.

8. My morning yoga practice, made better by the toddler flopped across my mat, adding a Twister element to my poses as I try to find an open space on the mat.

9.The color turquoise, as evidenced by my bedside table:

10. This blawg. Your comments on my last post made me feel comforted and reassured and loved and just overly grateful for this little internet space. So thank you.


  1. i love number 1 and think it can be extended to ANY breakfast, not just healthy ones! honestly if you haven't instagrammed, tweeted, and facebooked a meal, have you even tasted it??


  2. 2. Just shut up and move to Seattle already then!!!!!!

    4. Ain't nobody got time for boring ass articles. But really though, isn't the New Yorker the BEST?! The gift that keeps on giving.


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