Friday, March 28, 2014


 Flats/Chambray: Target; Pants: Old Navy; Headband: Handmade; Bag: Nena & Co.

Joony in my outfit pictures?! Yep, I did it. He thought it was so funny so walk around in front of the camera, and funnier still when I started dancing (see second picture). I taught him how to raise the roof and now he does it whenever music plays.

OK these are the Old Navy Pixie Pants and I'm ob.sessed. Did I buy them because of the hilarious commercial with Amy Poehler? Yes. Duh. I'm a die hard fan of the Poehler/Fey/Kaling/Dunham gang of hilarious feminists. Here's the thing, though--I've maybe been a little too critical of my body lately.  I know, I know, empowerment and "I carried a baby!" and all that, I've been feeling chubby. These pants make me feel good, though, and I love their stretchy booty-hugging ways. I want them in every color! GIVE ME ALL THE PIXIE PANTS!

And then also, have I shouted from the blogging rooftops yet that I got a Nena & Co. bag for Christmas? Because I did and I love it and I only use it on the most special of occasions (like, uh, a trip to the nature park with my family). It's soft and colorful and matches everything.

Joony, so adventurous/accident-prone these days, smashed his baby fingers in our bedrom door the morning before we went on this little excursion. He held his finger and was so sad all morning.  We could tell it wasn't broken, but obviously bothering him, so we got him a special new bus (he L O V E S busses right now) and went to the nature park to throw food at the ducks and run around. It was chilly, gloomy weather--my favorite--and it seemed to distract him and cheer him up again, huzzah.


  1. Hi nice post, very good collection of Clothing. Cool designs and shades.

  2. These pixie pants sound magical and better not be the one item in old navy I can't afford. There's always at least one.


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