Monday, March 3, 2014


I adore that mischievous smile and those pink cheeks!

This is our master bedroom!  We hang out in here a lot in the mornings, when our routine consists of breakfast (usually accompanied by 10 minutes of Curious George time), then getting laundry started, then a work out video while Joon plays in his room (or climbs all over me, it's whatever), then a shower. Joony loves sitting next to that big window and watching everything that goes on outside.  I love my reading nook that doubles as a yoga nook, both of which are made better by the craploads of natural light we get in there. Anyways, this room isn't anything super exciting decor-wise, but I love home tours on other people's blogs, so this is part of mine! And I really do love this room.


  1. SO MUCH SPACE! I would kill for space. Our "Master" is like... a minion.

  2. Cute bedspread (my bedroom walls are that orange color) and um i love that cat rug. I am very Pro Cat-Based Decor.

  3. IT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!! (that's what she said) AND SO PRETTY!!!!!!!! (that is not what she said)


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