Sunday, March 16, 2014

lil mama so dope

1. Morning Joony working on a smoothie and an episode of Curious George.
2. Late morning Blogilates workout. There was an arm one that didn't make me sore at all (maybe I need heavier weights? #sobuff), and a Muffintop Massacre (seriously) that made it hard to walk for like 3 days.
3. On a particularly naughty morning I locked Joon out of my room and banished him to his room/the hallway so I could do laundry and make the bed without him terrorizing. I found him forlornly playing with his cars and then I felt like the meanest mom ever.
4. I really take glamorous to a new level with my house cleaning wear, amiright?
5. Framed my favorite hymn for the hallway and I'm real happy with how it turned out.


  1. The framed sheet music if beautiful, my favourite hymn too, I may have to copy this as we start collecting things for our first house. Enjoying reading your blog, have a happy week. Beth

  2. 3. hahahahahahhahahaaaaa! and i have to ask: did joon really weave those scarves through the holes in that gate?!?!?! if so, i'm really impressed.
    5. that's my sister's fave hymn too! she had it sung at her wedding and i MUST KNOW where you found that cool, vintage looking sheet music!!! she would love that as a gift.

  3. I love the framed hymn! Did you find it "weathered" or did you distress it yourself?

    1. No, it came like that! It was in an Etsy shop called TheHymnShoppe. She has some really cute stuff!


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