Saturday, March 1, 2014

bring it on again

Our living room! This was after a long day and Joony was playing his word game on the iPad so quietly, and our new Easter burlap bunnies looked so cute, I just had to snap a picture.  This was a good night.  David was out running an errand, so I stayed home and had a pizza and a long phone chat with Carrie in my quiet house after Joonman went to sleep. It was nice.

Do anyone else's Target trips look like this? I mean, I went in for sippy cups and wipes...but how cute is that little toddler tee shirt with the airplanes?! And ankle socks with umbrellas, obviously a must-have for Spring.

If you're dorky enough to organize your kid's squeezies in rainbow order, raise your hand! one else? Just me alone in my pantry, sorting squeezies? All right then.

I'm feeling like we made it through the wilderness now that March is here. I know it's not technically Spring yet, and we got a bunch of snow last night just to remind us that we live in Idaho, but January and February seem to be hard, uninspired months for most everyone.  February ended with a terrible trio:

+ A terrible Craigslist deal.  David drove like 45 minutes to meet up with a guy who said he had cash to buy the motorcycle, then was all, "Well, thanks for coming down, I'll talk to my fiance and let you know." Rude.
+ Joony peeing on the bathroom floor right before stepping into the shower with me. Homeboy couldn't wait one more minute.
+ The Mindy Project is gone for another month, which is obviously the worst news in the history of bad news...until April, when the return will be the best news in the history of good news.

ANYways, what I'm saying is, bring on the Spring.


  1. Burlap bunny banner = A++
    Organizing your squeezies in rainbow order makes you even more adorable
    I can't think about The Mindy Project or I get really anxious and pissed that it's not April yet.


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