Friday, March 14, 2014


Sometimes I feel trapped here in Idaho.  This area can feel very isolating.  It's hard to travel in and out, and our closest family is a 14 hour drive away.  I've often had friends who complain about how very hard it is to see family 3 or 4 hours away and I usually have to bite my tongue to keep from making a rude can drive 3-4 hours for a weekend trip! That's cake!
Anyways, I've found that the best solution when I start feeling like a lonely, rural, arctic-island-dweller is to go for a drive and get away from the crowded grocery store and slushy streets. Heading just 5 minutes outside of our town lands us in farm and forest and big skies and it really is all so beautiful, even in the dead of winter when it feels like nothing is alive out there. We chose this place, which means we should also be choosing to be happy here, and blooming where you're planted and all that.
Other cures for Rexburg blues: flopping around on our air mattress with Joony because he thinks it's so funny.  Buying myself a cupcake even though I'm trying to eat whole or clean or whatever and cupcakes are...broken and dirty? But really, so worth it. Planning date nights (with a baby-sitter!) for the immediate future, California trips for the near future, and Florida trips for the August future. A really good, sweaty work out while Joons runs around me like a crazy man. You know...those kinds of things.


  1. I think one can also feel trapped in the city too. I know I do sometimes. (All the time.) Everywhere, even a place like L.A., can feel isolating!

  2. Hey. We've got a near distant future California trip and a distant October Florida trip planned too!

  3. I was once told that Idaho is a hidden gem, and I stand by that statement 100%. Such a beautiful place!

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