Wednesday, February 12, 2014

settle down

Moving is funny.  When we moved out of our tiny one-bedroom above our little clothing store, I was sad because I felt like I was moving away from the person I was in that home--a student, that pregnancy I loved so much, Joony's newborn months--they were all sacred to me and I hated the thought of being done with them. In Rigby, though, I felt perpetually unsettled. I was often lonely and depressed and anxious and I struggled with those new emotions a lot. I just didn't feel like myself. This move has been easy because I'm okay leaving that year in Rigby behind.  I'm okay facing this move as an opportunity to be a better me, to tackle my inner problems head on, and to enjoy where I'm at as David's wife and Joony's mom instead of worrying about things that already or haven't yet happened. Making this new home a beautiful place for our family to enjoy has been so rewarding to me these last few weeks.

That being said, here are a few snapshots from around our house as we've gotten decorating choices always land in the "personal and comfortable" rather than "Pinterest-worthy" categories, but I still felt like blogging them anyways, you know how it goes.
A bedroom corner
I guess I like blue toiletries...
Bedroom shelf all stocked
Joony's toys, always lined up on the windowsill while he watches the construction outside.
A kitchen corner
Cookbooks and rocks!
A living room corner
And oh hey, a bathroom selfie. Sup.

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  1. more more more pictures of your beautiful house!


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