Monday, January 20, 2014

I love you more than I could ever promise

I tidied up Joony's room last week and wondered if I'd ever taken pictures of it--his first own room! It's not Pinterest worthy, all sparse and Scandinavian with only wooden toys (do kids actually play in those rooms anyways?), but it's his space in our home and he loves it.

He sleeps in a pak n' play--how weird is that? He was in our bed for 8 months, then a floor bed for 6 months, and by that time it seemed silly to buy a crib. He loves his little bed. My mom sewed him his little lovey and his big blanket, and I made his mini pillow.
I dyed those curtains and I love how they turned out!...although right now they're too long with the heater right below the window. My mom rocked all her babies in that rocking chair and I love that I get to have it now. I get sentimental every time I sit down in it, which is often.

A few things about my Joobydoo right now (21 months old!) that I don't want to forget:

+ He says thank you--"day doo!" for everything. If I make him breakfast, or find a missing member of the Hot Wheels fleet, or set up his little tent, I get thanked. The other day we did a drive through car wash, and he got really scared by the dark and all the noisy machines. I turned around to hold his hand and comfort him, and as soon as he grabbed my hand, he said between sniffles, "Day doo, mama."  Melted.

+ Speaking of hand holding--he likes to hold my hand any time we're driving at night. I think it's because he can't see me as well and needs the reassurance? So worth the dead shoulder and wrist to have that pudgy hand wrapped curled up in mine.

+ Naps 2-3 hours every day, right at noon, and 11-12 hours a night. He is a great sleeper right now.*

+ Loves dogs and cats and "talks" to them--"Woo, woo!" for dogs, and "Oooowww!" to cats.

+ Copies my morning routine as I'm doing it. I put on deodorant, then hand it to him (with the lid on), and he rubs it on his armpits. Every step of my make up routine gets copied by him, carefully, and then he hands the brush or eye shadow or whatever back to me and waits for the next thing.

+ Knows when we're getting off the highway exit for David's work and starts yelling, "Dad? DAD?" Flips the F out when Dave gets home every night. Mostly just loves his Dad a whole dang lot.

+ We listen to a lot of Mumford & Sons while driving. You know how they'll do a little Woo! before a particularly awesome banjo solo? Joony loves that.  When he hears it he does a high-pitched WOO! back.

+ He cuddles a little more lately. Sometimes he just wants to be held, and he'll rest his head on my shoulder and chill out for a few minutes. It's always the best part of my day.

I know there's a lot more, but that's all I can think of right now. J is a whole buttload of cute and a whole buttload of mischief and we are the luckiest to be his parents.

*I always feel the need to tell you that our first year was Sleep Deprivation City. If your baby isn't sleeping and you're tired and frustrated and feel like everyone else's newborn is "OMGSLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!" will get better. I promise you that someday you will sleep again, and I'm sorry you're so tired and I've so been there and it is really hard.


  1. I LOVE that u have his car mat out! Yay!

  2. Yeah I have no idea how those simple and clean wooden toy rooms even happen. It's funny you posted this because last night we took down June's crib and all her bedding and matching stuff and so I was telling Buck that I'm sad because I don't think that I ever documented June's room the way it first was and now it was too late! So good job. Great minds think alike, except... my "great" mind is too slow...

  3. I am currently living in Sleep Deprivation City. Thank you for posting that asterisk note at the bottom. Did Joony just gradually grow into a better sleeper, or did you take steps to get him there? I have an eight month old, and he relies way too much on nursing to go to sleep, and he's a terrible napper. If you have any advice, I would be all ears! The room is cute, by the way. Not over the top, just nice and cozy.

    1. Hey, Courtney!! I'm so sorry you're so tired! I promise promise promise one day he'll sleep awesome. With Joony, the number 1 thing was getting a set bed time every night, and doing the same routine--bath, jammies, teeth brushed, family prayer, he grabs his binkie off the shelf, and goes "nigh-nigh." We started doing it at the exact same time every night, and the difference was a miracle. After that he would only be up 1-2 times a night, and that only stopped once he weaned himself (which, to be honest, I just wasn't happy about...but of course the extra sleep helps with the coping). Naps are the same thing--schedule, and sticking to it. I plan my whole day around being home 12-2/3 because that's when he naps. Our whole day goes better and he knows that it's naptime, so he goes down without a fuss. Good luck!! Different things work for different babies, and eventually you'll find the right thing for you guys!! Enjoy that cute eight month old, it goes so fast your head will spin. :)

    2. Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement! It's been a real trial, that's for sure! Congratulations on the new house... sounds wonderful! And yes, moving is the pits!

  4. As a general rule, whatever toys are the cutest (like wooden ones) are probably also the most boring. Like how really good smelling shampoo is always worst for your hair.


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