Friday, January 17, 2014

hanging upside down

Every now and then I'll sit down on the couch and Joon will climb into my lap.  If he seems content to hang out for a minute, I'll open up the laptop and let him make faces at himself in my webcam or pull up an episode of "moh-mee" (Curious George) on Netflix for him to watch for a couple minutes. I always snap a picture of him cuddled up with me because they're so fleeting--he's usually such a busy guy! Now I have a little collection of these pictures on my computer and I love them.
Nearly-two has been a tough age for the both of us, with communication barriers and tantrums and some new teeth in the middle of it all. Even with all those things, though, there is no one else in the whole wide world I'd want to spend my days with. This little boo is the greatest and it's okay to be figuring things out together.


  1. AGHHHHH I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Such sweet photos! At nearly 2 years old, our Noah still only says, "dada" and "nana", those communication barriers are definitely tough. They'll get there in their own time :)

  3. I could not love your owl pajamas anymore then I do right now!! Also my son is a year and a half(2 in June) so i understand your struggle. My son, Damon, is SUCH a talker. Except not so much words but combination beatboxing, laughing gibberish. Ha. Keep on keepin on <3


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