Sunday, November 10, 2013

glory days

unrelated picture; out on a walk/jog with my boy

Last week I found out that the store we used to own closed its doors.  After running it for 4.5 years, we sold it to someone who shut it down in less than a year.  It's hard to feel like those years I spent aren't just invalidated. I know they're not...also, in some ways, it feels like they are. I was so excited to turn that place over to someone who would inject new life into it, who would love it as much as I used to. I guess I pictured myself swinging by when I was downtown, baby in tow*, and chatting with the new owner, relating to all of their store-running business and reminiscing about my good old days living and working in the building.

We were so ready to sell that business that I distinctly remember saying to David a couple different times, "I don't care what they do with it, I just want to be done with the responsibility!" It turns out I felt a little more than I thought I would--I felt sad and disappointed but also, not really surprised. Running a business in Rexburg is hard work, and when you don't put constant effort into it, you don't see results.

So...if it sounds like I'm a little bitter, it's because maybe I am, although I know feeling that way isn't getting me anywhere.  I feel so much more satisfaction in my current job than I ever did in that one...and Joony never yells at me for not having a tanning bed available ;) It's just another one of those little good-byes you have to say as you move forward into a new season in life, and of course it's much more freeing to remember the happy times than to focus on how they ended.  So here's my remembering happy things about Panache: finding excuses to wander back into the salon so I could chat with my stylist friends, joking with my regular customers while they tried stuff on, opening a huge new shipment of clothing and seeing how bright and fresh the store looked with full racks, and the sense of accomplishment David and I would feel when the store had a really busy day. BOOM.  Feeling happier already!

*I have seen numerous people say in tote lately. I always want to comment snarkily and say, "Wow, you had a tote bag big enough for your baby/dog/whatever? Where do you buy one of those?" My family is constantly irritated by my obnoxious grammar-correcting, though, so I choose to keep my mouth shut...except, of course, for this bratty little snippet at the end of my blog post...


  1. The store closed?! No!

    I remember when you guys made the change... but perhaps it's to the (non) credit of the new owner that I don't even remember what they changed the name to after buying it from you. So sad that they didn't just see the potential of simply building on the Panache legacy.

  2. Oh, Bran! Panache was such a great store and you put so much work into it to make it that way! I remember talking to Dan about the store and being like, "Bran says she does this and isn't that so smart?" and he'd always, quite seriously I might add, respond "Wow, it sounds like they are doing really smart things with their business. That's the way to do it." (I don't remember what that conversation was in reference to but know that the Burkhart's were proud of you and your store!) You filled a great niche in that town and did so effectively. Love you!

  3. I can't say how I feel about this without swearing.
    I can say, however, that I know where you can find a tote big enough to fit your baby ;)


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