Wednesday, November 27, 2013

full circle, man

To the girl in front of me in line at Rue 21 this afternoon:

Today, I stood behind you with a wriggly baby, and every time he let out that high-pitched shriek you rolled your eyes and shared pointed how obnoxious looks with your girlfriends in between talking about how OMGfun the black light party tonight was going to be.

I thought of a million snide remarks while I stood behind you, and I might have spouted one off if I hadn't been so very tired.  As I thought about it later today, though, I became glad I kept my mouth shut. One day, you will be in my shoes.  One day, you will have a baby, and he (or she) will be the light of your life.  He'll grow into this amazing, funny, demanding toddler, and one day, he'll skip his nap.  You will sit cross-legged in the hall next to his room while he cries, shaking and frustrated, and finally think, "Screw it."

Maybe that's when you'll remember the $10 off coupon in your purse, and you'll head out the door with that grumpy kid thinking that a new flannel shirt for half off would sure cheer you up.  That's when you'll be standing there in line, flannel in hand, in my shoes, and some teenager will make it clear how annoying she thinks you are. I know about this full circle because I was once that snotty teenager. I know I raised plenty of eyebrows and thought, "Can't she just keep him quiet? Why did she even bring the kid shopping?"  Isn't karma the worst sometimes?

When you finally make it through the line to the counter, the salesperson might tell you that you need to spend one penny more because your coupon is $10 off of a $20 purchase and woops, your shirt is $19.99, would you like a lip gloss or a body glitter?  You'll feel so fed up at that point that you'll just say, "No, it's okay, I'll just pass on it," head out of that store where the music is too loud and they spritz cheap perfume all over the place, and get all loaded up back into the car.

You'll drive away with tears rolling down your cheeks because you just feel so darn tired and maybe it was dumb to even shop in a store made for teenagers and WHY WHY WHY won't the kid take a nap?!

Here's one last thing, though.  Tonight, while you're jumping around with your girlfriends at this amazing black light party, I'll be kissing my sleeping baby on the forehead and collapsing onto the couch next to my husband.  My life seems boring and tedious to you now, but I promise that in that moment you'll think back on the girl who rolled her eyes at you in line at Rue 21 and know without any doubt that the baby (finally!) sleeping in the next room is so much sweeter than any flannel shirt or black light party.  I really do wish that for you, even though I wanted to raise a particular finger in your direction earlier today.

Your buddy,
the tired mom with the shrieking kid behind you in line at Rue 21

note: I wrote this post last week, when I returned home frustrated and flannel-less.  In that picture above I'm wearing said flannel, which I went back and bought when Dave was there to go grab Chick Fil A with Joon while I ran into the mall solo (felt like a mini vacation). I found a box of chocolate covered raisins for $1.50 to get my dang purchase over $20, and let's be honest, candy is WAY more useful than body glitter. Come on!


  1. Haha this is funny. I too am now the mom who once judged other moms! Now how the shoe is on the other foot...

  2. This is exactly how I feel! I am glad you got the shirt though :)

  3. Not so long ago, YOU were that wriggly toddler screeching and refusing naps. Yes, full circle indeed. I love you, Princess.

  4. Loved reading every bit of this! Too funny and true!


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