Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Some things about David Clark at 19 months old:

- Doesn't say many words, but chatters constantly around the house. He will wander around hollering, "MOM?" if he needs to babble something at me. He always says, "Good!" when we ask him how his (lunch/water/car ride/anything) is. He always pops his head into a room and shout, "Boo!" He thinks scaring/being scared is so, so funny.

- Finally sleeps really well. He goes to bed at 8:30, gets about 12 straight hours (I know!), and takes a 90 min-2 hour nap every afternoon at noon. After a full year of no stretches longer than 4-5 hours, we do not EVER take this for granted.

- Feeds himself--his morning yogurt and mac n' cheese are his favorite things to eat with a spoon.

- When I see David's truck pull up, I yell "Where's Dad? Oh my goodness, where is he?" and Joony sprints to the front window to jump up and down and knock on the window while David walks in. He also knows that if I say, "Should we go visit Dad?" he should grab his shoes, sit in front of me while I put them on, and then walk out to the garage to get in the car. When we pull up to David's work, he recognizes the building and starts clapping and yelling. He really loves Dave.

- Has zero interest in the television. Every now and then I'll try to turn on a show or movie for him, but he'll only watch for a second or two before he grabs a toy bucket or starts sorting the tupperware drawer. I love that about him.

- Adores his room. I recently cleared all of my stuff out of there and put all of his toys in.  Now, he spends all day in there, sorting through his Hot Wheels and flipping through books off his shelves. He is really good at playing by himself.

- Hates--loathes--nursery. Probably because he's so used to playing with just me in our quiet house, he is really overwhelmed by the rowdy, older kids. Any time we play with our neighbors or he goes to nursery, he's very clingy and cautious about joining in.

- Yells, "Vrmm! Vrmm!" whenever we see a motorcycle. He also loves sitting on the quads and snow machines at David's work.

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  1. cutest boy, B. CUTEST. BOY. EVER. also: you must not have discovered Bubble Guppies yet. save it for those times when you need to take a shower or take a poop by yourself. BUBBLE GUPPIES WINS!!!!!!!!!!


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