Thursday, November 21, 2013

come let us adore him

boots: c/o wanted shoes; jeans: ae; sweater: target

I set up Christmas on my mantle, and wearing a hunter green holiday sweater made me feel like blogging about it! We're saving the tree for Thanksgiving day but that fireplace was just begging for some yuletide cheer. I keep scooting things around and admiring the festive twist. I really love having this mantle to decorate all year long.
Even Big Buddha got into the holiday spirit with a little white bow tie!

I made that "Come let us adore him" sign with silver letters from Target's $1 section pasted onto kraft paper. I'm really happy with it, especially behind my simple nativity.


  1. I bought that sweater, too! I went on a sweater craze the other day - it is getting so cold here. I might die. I know, I know. Idaho is colder. ;)

    1. Ah! And I desperately want the black and white one you got and posted on Insta a while ago. Sweater sisters!!

  2. Ooh we totally picked up some of those letters in the target $1 section. Love what you've done with them! So cute. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  3. I LOVE your mantel!! Especially loving the sign that you made yourself! SO crafty of you, and it's simply adorable. <3



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