Thursday, October 3, 2013



+ We looked over at Joony and he had a container of David's heavy-duty post-op painkillers in one hand and a lighter (the long barbecue ones with the lock on, but still) in the other hand. Parents of the year!

+ The receptionist at David's physical therapy gave Joon a Dumdum and you would have thought she was the prettiest girl in school the way he smiled, blushed, and buried his head in my shoulder.

+ We did not watch Breaking Bad, which seems to be the most trendy obsession overnight. Meth chic? Anyways, we're out of the loop and watching old episodes of Parks & Recreation and just loving that Chris Traeger.

+ Speaking of trends, I started doing Project Life! I thought it'd be a fun hobby to get started on this winter when we'll be cooped up inside. Anyone else do it? Any awesome websites for printables or inspiration?

+ Joon was playing outside the other day (by "playing" I mean "digging through the dirt to find the perfect rock") and when he stood up, he started brushing his hand over his forehead. He did it a couple more times, and it dawned on me: he's imitating the way I push my bangs off my forehead! He blows me away every day. He is so much more observant than I realize.

+ A really good friend of mine suffered a really awful loss. I've gone back and forth on if I wanted to blog about it, because I've thought about her constantly since Tuesday, but I think the most important thing is this: hold your babies close. Don't take time for granted, even on really rough days (some days are so rough!). And if you don't know what to say, a hug and "I love you" always seems appropriate in my book.

+ Singing "Royals" by Lorde non-stop, even though her live videos creep. me. out. It's just so catchy, though!

P.S. I just added a "Daily Reads" section over on the left! Woohoo for good blogs!


  1. I love that you have GOMI on your daily reads! :)

  2. Hi. But seriously, why is everyone so obsessed with Breaking Bad?

    1. Hahaha right? I'm sure it's good, it just seems like people realized they were supposed to be watching it so, overnight, they were obsessed!


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