Sunday, October 20, 2013

pick it up

birkenstock clogs; target corduroys; f21 pullover
sunday chill-out clothes

I've been exhausted lately. My bestie Megan put it perfectly when she said that Joony is more two and less one these days. He is rapidly turning into a toddler and I often complain that while I'm cleaning up one mess, he's busy working on another. He is into everything, he's all over the place, and he's testing boundaries left and right (literally, he will test a boundary on my left side, and then immediately test another on my right). I also recently gave up Dr. Pepper (RIP) and all sweets (well, I get two treats a week, not one a day), meaning my usual pick-me-ups are a no-go. It's good to feel healthier, to lose some weight, blah blah blah, I'm tired.

These things were the pick-me-ups I've needed recently:

  • My mom sent me a HUGE box filled with Trader Joe's pumpkin products. Granola cereal, oatmeal, body butter, whaaat?! I started crying before I even had the tape all the way off the box. I am so homesick.
  • Joon sat quietly in my lap with his head on my shoulder and let me rock him while singing Silent Night, our longtime go-to lullaby, after he smooshed his finger in a drawer. Sometimes he is still a baby.
  • New episodes of shows I like on Hulu. I'm talking Mindy Project, New Girl, and Brookln Nine-Nine. And, of course, Modern Family. They are my nap time guilty pleasures. And no, I didn't watch ALL of those today, I spread them out over the whole week!
  • We went on a family date! Joony was giggly and I got to drive and wander around and talk to David and we stopped at the train table in Barnes & Noble, which is pretty much a life-maker for Joony. Successful night!
  • Nap time. Every nap time is so sweet. I get to tidy my house, have a snack, sit down, read, relax, and I start missing my happy guy just in time for him to wake up and start playing with me again.
  • David and Joony were sick on Sunday (not a pick-me-up), so I went so Sacrament meeting alone while they rested at home. It was really nice to sit quietly and listen to the speakers.
  • Sunday dinner and pumpkin painting/carving with some of our best friends! Yessss autumn.

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