Thursday, September 19, 2013


boots: madewell archive boot; jeggings: wet seal; sweater: f21/consignment; 
idaho necklace: flea market girl via brickyard buffalo deal; bracelet: juicy/gift from my momma

Taking stock with Sydney and, before her, Pip.

Making: dinner every day, and I tell you, finding recipes other than soup and cornbread that sound good to me right now is a real challenge.
Cooking: oh. Soup and cornbread.
Drinking: tons and tons of water to counteract any soda I slip up and drink.
Reading: The Gift of Giving Life, about to start Tell The Wolves I'm Home. Anyone else?
Wanting: a house.
Looking: forward to the holidays, of course!
Playing: with Hot Wheels, Joony's newest discovery and favorite thing.
Wasting: time blogging when I should be heading to bed...
Sewing: a miniature pillow for Joony. I thought he'd like having a little pillow in bed with him, but it turns out it's just one more item to throw around when he wakes up.
Wishing: everyone I love lived close to me.
Enjoying: cooler weather along with everyone else on the internet. I LIKE FALL.
Waiting: for next Thursday. David's having ACL surgery and I'm a little nervous.
Liking: Royals, by Lorde. Stuck in my head.
WonderingJoony goes to nursery in a couple weeks. How is he almost 18 months? Will he be scared? Shy? Excited about snacks and toys?
Loving: that David's mom is coming next week to help us out after his surgery and I CANNOT wait! We are so lucky to be loved by such awesome family.
Hoping: I'm doing a good job. There is always someone spouting crap that makes me feel like a bad parent. Social media is a mixed bag f'reals.
Marveling: at a middle-of-the-night thunderstorm. I woke up as it was pouring rain, thundering, and lightning was making our room light up every few minutes. I snuggled up to my warm husband and enjoyed it until I drifted back off. Heaven.
Needing: a date night with a cute David. Specifically, the one I'm married to.
Smelling: nail polish. I'm newly obsessed with the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes. I have Shell We Dance (the perfect pale pink), Ruby Do (the perfect autumn purple), and Kook A Mango (the perfect summer orange). They go on perfect and stay foreva. No sponsored shennanigans, I love these.
Wearing: my old Minnetonka moccasins. They're out of their winter hibernation.
Following: in my Mom's footsteps and organizing my pantry. To say it was a disaster is a gross understatement. Organized bins and bags feels so refreshing right now.
Noticing: christmas cards online! Too soon? My favorites so far are on this site.
Knowing: I'm going to make good progress on my pint of Java Chip ice cream tonight.
Thinking: about all the books I want to read, and about how much faster I would cruise through them if I cut my internet time in half.
Bookmarking: Cute pillows and bedding. I'm itching for a duvet change!
Opening: bags of Red Vines. Why can't I stop?!
Giggling: whenever Joony kisses me; it's an open mouth and a hollered, "MAAH!" 
Feeling: overwhelmed sometimes.


  1. I LOVE this post. I actually just wrote a post devoted to my favorite soup recipes. I LOVE cornbread too. Send me your recipes... I LOVE new things to try.

    I didn't know Dave was getting surgery!! Richard had an ACL replacement right after he got off his mission. I hope it all goes well.

  2. alright. now that you are obsessed with sally hansen complete salon manicure polishes, you need my ultimate (like i've gone through at least 15 bottles thus far in my life) fave fave fave shade: "pat on the black."

  3. Gasp! Need that necklace like woah!


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