Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'd go the whole wide world

sandals: saltwater; courds: target; top: thrift store in san diego

Oy, rough lighting. Outfit pictures are not my priority lately, although I miss doing them when I take a break.

Every night before I crawl into bed to write in my journal/read/talk to David/fall asleep, I tiptoe into Joony's room to peek at him sleeping. I even hung a miniature flashlight on a hook outside his door so I can see just how cute he is, how big the puddle of drool under his face is, how sprawled his (long!) limbs are, etc.

The other night I went in, and he was standing up in bed, wide awake, almost as though he was waiting for me. Um..hey, buddy...So I picked him up, thinking he was probably sleepy and would snuggle right into me (ha! fat chance). No such luck. He squirmed right out of my arms and sauntered out of his bedroom, chest puffed proudly, to go brag to Dave that he escaped bedtime. He was so giggly and impressed with himself for being awake at 11:00 that we couldn't help but laugh and play with him for a while before putting him back to bed.

Sometimes I really miss having a newborn to cuddle...but then the fun of having a toddler running this house outweighs that and I remember how much I love having a 17 month old anyways.

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