Wednesday, August 7, 2013

steely legs

One of my faaaavorite people in the whole world is staying with us for the next weeks until her school semester starts back up! I met Megs because she was dating my brother forevs ago, but I didn't hold it against her, so we're still friends now even though they're not together anymore! Promise it's not awk.

Anyways, on her first morning here we decided to go on a bike/long board ride to the grocery store. It ended up taking me about 3 hours to get out of the house (as it always does) because I needed to bake cookies for care packages (I LOVE SENDING CARE PACKAGES):
...but once we got going it was awesome.
The ride to the grocery store was no big, but on the way back, I had loaded up my trailer not only with my chunk baby Joon, but also with a week's worth of groceries, so my legs were feeling the burn.
And then...Meg decided to hitch a ride on the back, too.
And now I have legs of steel.

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