Friday, August 2, 2013


Today is our fifth wedding anniversary!
This fifth year of marriage was a roller coaster.
We moved to Rigby and fell in love with our little town.  We sold the clothing store that we bought after we'd only been married for a month.  David started a new job and my heart swells with pride every time I think about that man I love chasing his dreams.  Joony is sixteen months old and he is hilarious and needy and wonderful and we adore him.  Our life is so not what I pictured it being five years ago when I looked David square in the eyes and said, "I do," but today, I do more than ever.  I do love him for time and eternity, I do honor him, I do consider him my very best friend, and I do say yes to every new adventure coming our way. I am so proud of the life we are building together.  Sure, we have days that we bicker and nitpick, but as a whole, I am so content in this marriage.  I am crazy-happy-totally in love with my David Haynes, the cutest guy I've ever seen in real life.
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  1. Yay!! Happy Anniversary! I love how happy you are, Bran :)

  2. Congrats! Also, you live in Rigby? Crazy!

  3. Congratulations! :) Wow 5th Anniversary seems so far for us-our second is in October.


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