Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yay Area

Joon and I spent last week in Northern California* and it was medicine for my homesick heart. My Joonbaby got to spend lots of time with his Granny and Poppa, I got to snuggle my niece, we just got to have a ton of fun.
Joony was fascinated with the pit bulls, Simba and Duke, and spent loads of time standing by the windows to watch them play.  He met Big Buddha, slept in bed with me every night, and even got on a horse for the first time (he was thoroughly unimpressed, as evidenced by the picture below).
I got to zip around in my momma's turbo beetle a couple times, have my leg muscles tell me how stupid I was for hopping on a horse and thinking I could still hit jumps like I used to, and spend an afternoon wandering around Berkeley.
We also got to see some of my dearest, oldest friends and spend time chatting and catching up, go to Trader Joe's naked (well, Joon was naked--he threw up everywhere on the way there), swim, eat In n Out and Donut Wheel...am I missing some stuff?  Probably.  Overall, though, it was a great trip and coming home was, as it always is, hard.  Our flight on Monday was NINE hours late. Yep. We were supposed to get in at 3 and it didn't happen until 12, but the bonus time in those hills was wonderful.

Now we are happy to be back with David Sr., happy for a heart full of family time, and really, really homesick again.  I had a rough patch yesterday that involved a sobbing Joonbug, the contents of my suitcase spread around the living room, a growling stomach, and a bar of chocolate...but we made it through.  We love you, family, and can't wait for September!

(I will never ever ever call it Nor Cal or Cali or San Fran or Frisco--although I did buy this tee, woops. That's one of those rants I always go off on, and I'm not sure why it annoys me so much when people do say that.  In the words of Michael Bluth, "Don't call it that.")


  1. I'm one of those behind the scenes readers who stumbled upon your blog one day, loves reading posts, and has never commented until now. My mom lives in San Francisco, and while I struggle with love/not so much love feelings about making the trek out there from the east coast for visits from time to time, this little post reminds me that there truly is something magical about that beautiful city. All the best!

  2. "Nor Cal" is acceptable in my book, but yeah, "Frisco" annoys the crap outta me. I MISS THE BAY AREA!

  3. i get real annoyed when people consider SF northern ca! it's the bay area! shoot (but that's coming from us up by the Oregon border northern northern CA dwellers ;)

    1. I'm PREEEEETTY sure you live in what we call Southern Oregon... ;)

      WHY didn't we arrange a meet up? Doooyyyy. Stupid Brandilyn.


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