Wednesday, July 3, 2013

West Yelly

Last week David and I made our yearly trip to West Yellowstone.  We go to the Playmill every summer, which we adore, but it's also about the incredible drive up there (I have never seen better scenery, f'reals) and the sweet little town we get to walk through.  Last year Joony snoozed in the Moby wrap through the 2-hour show, but we knew that wouldn't fly this year, so we left him at home with his Auntie Shpitty and rode a Harley up into the mountains.  It was fantastic.  We even got some rain on the way in, which I loved.  I got David a GoPro for Father's Day (wife of the year over here, amiright) and we used it to get some awesome footage of our day:

We can't ever believe our luck at being surrounded by so much stunning country.  Just 10 minutes out of our small town plops us right in the middle of pinch-me beauty.

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