Monday, July 29, 2013

Romantic Meatloaves

sneakers: vans; jeans: target; top: old navy; hat: f21

I went grocery shopping with Shpitty the other day because that's what Shpitties do.  She was buying stuff to make a meatloaf dinner for her boyfriend Dangus, and when we got the register, the cashier asked if we had any big plans. I nodded to Shpitty and said, "She's making a romantic meatloaf dinner!" There was a long pause before Shpitty said, "I think she was asking about our plans for the afternoon..."  "Oh! Nope, no romantic meatloaf for us, pockets and 30 Rock..heh heh!"

Later, on the drive home, we were discussing the merits of the Killer's Sam's Town album.  We agreed that there are very few complete albums that kick that much butt from beginning to end.  I joked that my favorite albums were cliche, but I loved them just the same.  She listed them off right away: Slippery When Wet and Give Up.  I commented, "I don't know if that's embarrassing or endearing that you knew those right away."  Shpitty: "Oh come on, it's endearing."  "Romantic meatloaf endearing?"

And that's the story of how I almost got Shpitty to make me a romantic meatloaf while listening to Bon Jovi.  But not quite.

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