Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mal, mal, bien

boots/cardi: target; skirt: old navy; top: f21; necklace: gift from thoughtful carrie
Yesterday was one of those days that started off really well, and ended really well, but the middle part was just really a crapshoot.

The bad:
- Joony dumped green beans all over me. To be fair, I wouldn't be down with pureed green beans for lunch either.  Sorry dude.  We'll do squash or sweet potatoes tomorrow.
- Some douchecanoe backed into me, then flat-out denied it. Confrontation makes me sweaty and shaky and stuttery--I'm usually a doormat--but him calling me a liar to my face after I WATCHED AND FELT HIM BACK INTO ME left me yelling and using language that was most un-ladylike. The scuff will buff out and it's not a big deal, but still. Jerk.
- Spending forever on the phone with insurance to be told I don't have rock chip repair coverage, paying for it myself, then being called back 10 minutes later to be told it is covered. Make up your mind!
- Chick Fil A Polynesian sauce exploded all over my jockey box, which I discovered when I dug around in there to find all my insurance paperwork.

The good:
- Installing a toilet sprayer for our cloth diapers! And I did it myself, so basically hire me for all your future plumbing needs, mmkay?  David was so proud, and no more bleaching my kitchen sink 1-2x/day. Boom, baby.  Joony supervised the installation while unraveling a roll of toilet paper.
-Shpitty made us turkey burgers (with pesto and feta and greek yogurt/cucumber dressing) in pitas for dinner to mark her last night staying with us--she moves into her cool downtown studio apartment today!
- A "date" run to the grocery store for ice cream.  I still love it when David reaches for my hand.
- Ben & Jerry's Liz Lemon frozen greek yogurt (dude...it's lemon with blueberry and lavender swirls, COME ON!), consumed while watching the "KGB will ask the questions!" episode of The Office.
- Hugs from Joony--he wraps his arms around my shoulders and pats my back. Also, he waves all the time, and looks so pleased with himself every time.


  1. I had to google "jockey box!"

    1. Haha! What are they usually called? That's what my mom always called it, but my grandmother is British, so some of her slang is different!

  2. So I used to read your old blog, and am just now finding the new one. But yay on the diaper sprayer! I've always just used an old peri bottle because I'm lazy, but it would be great to finally get a sprayer someday.


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