Monday, July 29, 2013

J baby

Heads up: Mom post commencing!
Some things about my kid lately:
Joony has a pretty good grasp of what "no" means these days.  He knows that when he reaches for my laptop screen, I'm going to move his hand away and say, "No, no, Joony!" ...but his curiosity is just too strong for him to control.  His newest trick is shaking his head back and forth with me when I say "no."  He'll look solemnly into my eyes and shake his head back and forth, acknowledging with me that what he's doing is naughty, but still do it any ways.  It's simultaneously frustrating and endearing when I walk in on him with his hand in the trash can, shaking his head as if to say to himself, "Dangit Joon, you rascal!"

He's learned a few signs and seems eager to communicate that way. He can sign for "food/hungry," "all done," and "please" (although I'm pretty sure he thinks the "please" sign just means "gimme more grahams").

He's a little dictator sometimes.  I spent an entire morning chasing him away from this paper lamp I have. He definitely knew that punching the lamp was a no-no.  He distracted himself by trying to grab my phone, and when I wouldn't let him do that, he walked back over to the lamp, looked me square in the eye, and punched at it. Evil little dictator.

Knows some body parts!  When prompted, he sticks out his tongue, honks his nose, and slaps the sides of his head when I say "Ears!"

Gives open mouth slobber kisses, lightly pats my back when he hugs me, and drums his pudgy little fingers on his high chair during less interesting meals.

Came to sleep in our bed for a while the other night, but got the boot when I kept discovering him sitting up in bed, silently staring at us trying to sleep in the darkness.  Little creep boy.

Makes me grateful every day for the opportunity to be his momma.


  1. Hahaha this post gave me a good laugh! I'm not a mom yet, but I can see myself calling my kid a "little creep boy"! Also, I've never thought of teachings signs to babies...that's really interesting!

  2. Hahahahahahahaahhaaaa I love him.

  3. hhahaha we call C "freak monster" sometimes (all out of love ;) )


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