Saturday, July 6, 2013

Can you see?

(David's editing makes me LOL. I love him.)

I always joke that our Fourth of July tradition is to be as agoraphobic as possible--crowds make me anxious and I hate traffic, so staying in just makes the most sense!  We took full advantage of the day off work to celebrate independence by going for a drive to feed some huge salmon near Ashton, napping, barbecuing, and setting off some small fireworks in our front yard.  Growing up in California, I never set off fireworks (it's illegal), so David always laughs at how amazed I am by them.

The nice folks over at Skip n' Whistle sent me this awesome cat sweatshirt that I've been wearing almost non-stop since it arrived.  It's a super-comfy lightweight American Apparel slouchy sweatshirt, and of course I'm nuts over the feline design (that rhymed--intentional).  They have tons of cool stuff, which you can see right here (boston terriers! indian chiefs! buddhas! seriously).


  1. That sweatshirt is AWESOME. It makes me laugh. My sister would love it!

  2. They do the big fireworks over at las positas now - could you imagine how crowded that would be?? So we just watched the show from Dan's parents house. They were about the size of my fist but fireworks are fireworks and I loved them.

    P.s. i don't think i've ever set off a firework before so I'd be pretty dang excited too! How fun :)


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