Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bunking up

heels/scarf ($3!): target; skirt: bleu pepper; top/belt: panache; watch: fossil (birthday gift from david!)

Joon and I are in California! We get to spend a whole week here, which means lots of family time and lots of missing David Sr back in Idaho.  Two days before we left, suddenly, Joony became distraught about his bed. He wouldn't sleep in it, wouldn't be left alone, no way, none of it, nice try. Oh boy.

Backing up a few months, we used to co-sleep and I loved it. It broke my momma heart to put that boy in his own bed, but he slept so much better there! I've often wished he could come snuggle in between us like he did for the first 9 months, but he was too curious and too wriggly for any of that cuddling business.

Well, he's back to needing me to sleep! It's a regression I shouldn't be excited about, but I'm thrilled. I love attachment parenting. I love being there for him. I love hearing his soft snores inches from my face. I love his sleep giggles and the slightly-salty-sweaty-sleepy baby smell.

Being in a different place has made him, naturally, even more clingy than before (which was already fairly clingy).  As I blog right now (from my iPhone, please excuse any typos!) he is occupying 70% of the bed and tossing and turning and pretending he never saw the pack n play his Granny so thoughtfully put out for him.  I spent over an hour working to get him to fall asleep, and now I get to go enjoy bunking up with my little son.  Parenting is the biggest inconvenience there ever was, and I truly love seeing all the pieces of my life being shuffled around to make way for this boy.

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  1. uh, i love this. i am the same way! my little ollie sleeps great in his crib, but hates playpens and other peoples cribs when we are out of town, so we generally get to have awesome snuggles, which i LOVE. waking up to a sweet baby face is the best. the. BEST.


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