Monday, June 10, 2013


boots/bag: target; dress: gap (old); blouse: c/o wizards of the west

This weekend was my birthday!
All of the following happened:
- I turned 24 and welcomed it with open arms.
- Both my sister and my bff Shpitty are in town. I am in house guest heaven.
- A birthday BBQ feast! In the past, I've tried to have birthday dinners and no one shows up...ever.  It sucks and makes me feel like a loser. But this year, some of my very favorite people were there and I felt so special! The following foods were consumed:
- We watched Pitch Perfect...again.
- A leisurely bicycle ride around our little neighborhood.
- Birthday breakfast: cheesy scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, hash brown squares.
- Joony figured out how to use his sippy! He is so proud of his skillz.
- David got so engrossed in his motocross videos that he didn't hear me asking him a question.  I tried to get his attention by saying, "Well, I guess I'll just take my top off now..." Nothing.  So I tried, "...Yeah, it cost $85, but I don't care, I'm just going to buy it," and his head snapped right up. "What are you buying?" Good to know.
- A walk around the lake with my boy and my niece in the stroller and sno cones in hand.
- My sister got me a One Direction toothbrush that plays "What Makes You Beautiful" in my head while I brush my teeth.  It also plays for exactly 2 minutes, so I know how long to brush for (obviously a good tooth brush is a must with all the food I just mentioned).
- Too too many bugs in our place.  I wanted to leave the door open all day because the breeze felt heavenly.
- A sad, sad baby with our worst teething episode yet. This one came with a running nose, a fever, the works. I hated not being able to make it better.

...awesome weekend, yo.


  1. LOL at Dave not responding to your boobs. and STOP IT I NEED THAT TOOTHBRUSHHHHH! sounds like you had the sweetest birthday ever.

  2. Awww. Happy birthday! The food looks amazing, and I love that you had a birthday feast that people came to. I've had birthday dinners that people blow off, too, and it totally sucks.

  3. did you cut your hair shorter??

    p.s. happy birthday! :)


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