Tuesday, June 18, 2013

not as much as i do love you

flats/tee: target; pants: downeast; jacket: american eagle; necklace: truly sarah

This outfit is from a lunch date with my Megsiepoo a while ago.  These fancy-pajama pants are just the best. When I hopped out of the car at David's work to say hi to him, his eyes widened and he said, "Whoa. Those are some crazy pants." Yessir they are indeed.

I'm finally feeling back to myself after being sick for a full week and saying good-bye to family who I got to visit with for the very shortest amount of time.  Yesterday was David's day off and we napped, read good emails, went out to lunch, cuddled Joonbug, and cleaned up so so many (fine, three) messy dipes.  It was exactly what my soul needed, that day with my little family.

Joony is getting close to walking!  Our biggest evening activity these days is trying to help him master the balance and confidence he needs to take off.  At fourteen months, he's a little behind most of his peers, but I haven't minded the extra cuddles having a non-walker affords me.  Yesterday he took a couple laps around the living room with his alligator push toy (we love that thing!) and I couldn't resist taking pictures of his sagging shorts and determined chub face.


  1. i love those pants. you look awesome in them! are they just as comfy as real pj's? i hope so.
    and my little guy is about a month (i think) older than yours and still not walking either. part of me is kind of freaking out that all the babies younger than him are already cruising, but i do love the extra cuddles. it's just so fun to watch them learn new things!

  2. Obsessed. With this outfit!


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