Thursday, June 6, 2013

A lot of crap

boots/jeans/tee: target; sweater: anthropologie via downeast; necklace: truly sarah

Don't I look grumpy here? What a grumpy face!  Promise I wasn't grumpy, I had a stomach full of french fries and was on my way to see a friend's art exhibit opening.

Yay, inaugural Mom Clothes blog post!  I feel like this one should be somehow different than my Cats & Cardigans posts were, but...I don't think they will be. So here we go.

Last night David went dirt biking with his friends and I was maybe a little jealous that I was at home while he was ripping around through the mountains.  I consoled myself by going for a run with a great friend (preceded by pizza, which was both the best idea and the worst idea ever).

When I put Joony down for bed he was so whiny.  He was exhausted, but was in his room fussing and refusing to sleep.  While I was sitting out in the living room wondering when to go in and try to comfort him, I read Lacie's post, which is about an inconvenient, out-of-dipe poop.  I commented about my own poopsplosion experience and distinctly remember thinking, "Man, glad that's not me tonight!"  I published that comment and poked my head into Joony's room to see what was going on.

Maybe you can guess where this is going.

Poop...everywhere.  Just so much poop.  Down his legs, on his clothes, on the sheets, in his hands.  Ohmygosh, I could barely breathe it was so gross.  I apologized to him over and over again for delaying coming to help him as I stripped him down and put him in the tub.  He crawled around and splashed and I soaked my feet in the warm water.  When I pulled him out and wrapped him all snug as a bug in a rug in his towel, I decided to feed him a little oatmeal and bananas.

It was in that mundane task, after the bath and before the laundering of the poopy sheets, that I had one of those special mom moments--he was looking at me so earnestly while I fed him, and he would give me a toothy smile after every bite, and I just felt so grateful to be right there, right then, mom to a 14 month old with oatmeal on his chin.

Sometimes you have to put up with some crap to get to the really good stuff, and that's all right.


  1. yay for your new blog! it looks great! and congrats on such a beautiful adoring little boy (despite the explosion!) :)

  2. hahahahah best story ever that you were laughing at my shit-tuation and then had one yourself hajksdfhaksdflahdhahahhahahaa ALSO I LOVE MOM CLOTHES OMG!

  3. Love the new look and name! Also great post. We had a diarrhea in the tub moment today and wow, just wow. The things you now deal with as a mom that you couldn't have fathomed a few years ago!

  4. Your hair is perfect! And oh gosh, Everly is the queen of blowouts lately. So much laundry!

  5. Disgusting -- and cute at the same time that he was giving you toothy grins! Sorry you had to clean that up. :(

  6. Where do you recommend getting your hair colored in South East Idaho...yours looks so good!


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